10 Dollar Fundraisers


Less Expensive Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Fewer Funds

Remember the days when your dollar actually bought something worthwhile? With the economy the way it is and prices going sky high it’s no wonder why some fundraising events fall short or even flat. But when you allow Profitable Fundraising Ideas to work alongside of you you’ll soon find that we can help you create an event that is affordable for everyone, which could mean a lot more income for your organization.

We do this by offering your fundraising organization a superior product AND SERVICE for a small ten dollars retail price (or less).

Let’s put together a plan that no one can resist!

10 Dollar Fundraising Ideas New York Metro

Why $10.00?

In today’s sales and marketing world, a ten dollar item is considered an “impulse” product. People who are reluctant to purchase higher-priced products will many times pull ten dollars out of their pockets without a second thought. Just think for a second. How many infomercials and TV commercials do you see offering products at $9.95? How many times do you go shopping and see sale items for $10 or less? Why do you think that happens so often? It’s simply because of that ten-dollar threshold and it’s that mindset that you can take advantage of using a few of our products. Profitable Fundraising Ideas has collected a variety of products that fit within the ten-dollar “impulse” category so that you can either select the one that interest you the most or all of them making the job of asking for money a whole lot easier.


High In-Demand $10 Fundraising Products

Although only ten dollars, these products are easy to sell because they are products everyone wants and can afford.

    • Gourmet Popcorn ~ Our $10 popcorn FLIES off the shelf because we have a large selection and it tastes great
    • Delicious Coffee Packets ~ The $1.00 Gourmet Coffee Fundraiser ~ Mix and match your way to fundraising success with this popular item. Our New Assortment includes: 8 Breakfast Blend, 8 Donut ShopBlend, 8 French Roast, 8 French Vanilla, 8 Hazelnut Creme, 8 Jamaican Me Crazy and 4 Natural Decaf.
      • Group Profit percentage is a full 40%
      • Plus, you get 9 FREE Backpacks per case
      • Not only that but how about Free Shipping with 5 or More Cases!
      • It’s a great way to collect a large number of one-dollar bills from those who are reluctant to help. EVERYONE will part with a dollar, especially when they get this amazing product for so little. (Brochure Here)
    • Flower Bulbs ~ Create a solid stream of income while helping Mother Nature look even more beautiful (Brochure Here)
  • Gourmet Cookie Dough ~ Everybody loves cookie dough, and this DOUGH is DOUGH which raises lots of Money!!!

Contact Profitable Fundraising Ideas or call 844-RaiseFunds (844-724-7338) to learn more about these exciting programs and how they could fit into your next fundraising event. The call is free and so is the advice.