Davids Cookie Dough Fundraising Ideas

Just imagine the taste of amazing chocolate cookies melting in your mouth and tantalizing your taste buds. Isn’t it the best experience of your life? Now let us give you a better version of cookies which taste like homemade cookies and are delicious, having huge morsels of chocolate that you can definitely not resist. If you don’t believe us you need to try David’s Cookies which are available in yummy and awesome flavors like: peanut butter, chocolate chips, oatmeal raisins and now much more. David’s makes the best cookies which are world renowned and have won a number of accolades including the NY Newsday Cookie Award which he was awarded for the best chocolate chunk cookies.

Fundraising Ideas with these absolutely delicious gourmet treats

As we all know organizational fundraising is useful for multiple causes. Many of the reasons are rewarding. Fundraising helps your group raise money quick & easy for the objectives of your school, team, church or specific group. If you belong to a school or a team that seeks to raise funds and you are an active member, then you could recommend to your organization that they try a David’s Cookie Dough fundraiser.

What are the benefits of a David’s Cookie Dough Fundraiser?

At first, it might be a lot of work, and even fun, but when organizing from scratch a bake sale fundraiser, you and your organization are never sure how it may turn out.  While on the other hand, while selling a David’s Cookie Dough fundraiser with prepared product that is delivered to your door by appointment you have confidence that you are selling award winning cookies that are actually going to be a hit for the holidays or anytime of the year.  And that you will easily satisfy your clients culinary taste for an exceptional cookie. Finally, the most amazing yet convincing fact about using David’s cookies for your fundraiser is that it helps you earn greater profits, up to 50%.  This means that your organization can achieve your team’s financial goals in no time.

Profitable Fundraising Ideas believes that a David’s Cookie Dough Fundraiser will help you earn the amount of money you aim to achieve effortlessly and in less time. In essence you have the confidence that you are selling quality oven-fresh homemade cookies which use natural ingredients (no hydrogenated oils) from a prepared package.  Ultimately a David’s Cookie Dough fundraiser saves a lot of your organization a lot of time and energy.  It’s almost as if you baked the cookies by yourself.  What this means, that as a fundraiser you have quality product reliability.  You know that you are sponsoring a product that clients will want to eat and ask for season after season.  And you do not have to look for another product or even manufacture the product yourself.  This allows you to actively pursue the marketing & sales of your David’s Cookie Dough fundraiser to your clients. In this case, you have enough time and energy to develop fundraising marketing techniques, like conducting social media campaigns on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to develop sales.  Or even sponsoring a Cookie Dough taster for your group members and clients. Thus, in every way possible whether its taste, convenience or higher profits, David’s Cookies and Cookie Dough will undoubtedly prove to be the best idea for your fundraising campaign.

Final Verdict why to select a David’s Cookie Dough Fundraiser

It can be concluded from the above discussion that David Cookies and Cookie Dough, are an excellent tasty idea for fundraising. As they not only ensure greater profits, but also help in making your clients happy and repeat their purchases with your organization year after year. Thus, your group is able to achieve their financial goals in less time with greater efficiency.

So why not try a David’s Cookie Dough Fundraiser for Thanksgiving, Xmas or Easter or just about any time? For a free Fundraising consultation contact:

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