There really is no perfect season to fundraise. Each presents opportunities and detriments to fundraising. If your school, sports team or organization uses fundraising to meet its financial needs, then having a year-round fundraising plan is critical. Choosing the right fundraising project for each season will ensure you have success by offering products your customers actually want, thus selling more items with each campaign.


The fall season is the time for back-to-school fundraisers. With sports teams, schools and other organization all vying for the customers’ attention and dollars, it’s important to choose a fundraiser which offers real value. Offer items that benefit the consumer; school supplies are a nice option as are welcome back events such as an ice cream social.

Another great fall fundraiser is cookie dough and other treats. With the cooler temperatures and cozy evenings, tasty products are always a good seller. As Thanksgiving approaches, desserts such as cheesecakes are popular for both personal use and gifts.


During the colder months, outdoor events don’t make sense. One of the most popular holiday fundraisers is gift wrap; a great time to stock up on wrapping paper to use throughout the holiday season and the year to come. Holiday gift show is another popular option and can be combined with offering a booth to order delicious treats such as cookie dough. Cookie Dough can be ordered pre-portioned or in tubs and can be frozen for use throughout the season and during the coming cold weather months.


As warmer weather and longer days roll around, fundraising projects can head back outside. A spring carnival is always a great idea for fundraising. Encourage the local community to come by for fun games and delicious food booths. A fundraising table should also be included which can sell themed clothing or to order items such as magazines or foods. Valentine’s Day fundraising opportunities can include baked goods or boxed chocolates. Some organizations combine a few ideas to build spring bundles which can include food treats, flower bulbs, gardening themed products and other seasonal items.


Fundraising projects don’t need to stop just because school is out. Sports programs and extra-curricular activities need funds during these months also. Summer is a great time to consider a car wash. Add some booths to offer food, lemonade or themed items for sale for customers waiting for their cars. Summer is also the right time to plan for the coming year’s fundraising. This is the time to reach out to fundraising programs and learn more about what they offer so you’re prepared for the school year.

All year there are great fundraising ideas which can bring needed funds to your school, sports team or organization. The most important element is to find a product that your potential customer needs and/or wants and tailor the offer to the season. Food is always a great seller and by incorporating some of the variety above, you can create a balanced and successful fundraising program.