Organizations across the country are planning their annual fundraising campaigns. One of the biggest components in a successful fundraiser is participation and enthusiasm – both from the participants and the donors. Cookie Dough Fundraisers is one of the most popular forms of fundraising year after year because not only do the sellers enjoy offering a delicious, quality product, but the buyers get to truly enjoy their donation – yummy cookies.

Why Your Group Should Hold a Cookie Dough Fundraiser

  • Popular and Fun – All year round, cookie dough fundraisers are fun to hold and people love to support your organization by enjoying delicious, home-baked cookies.
  • Variety of Options – Not only do we offer a wide selection of flavors, but we also have different forms of cookie dough such as tubs, pre-proportioned and dry mix.
  • Easy to Sell – Unlike other fundraisers, cookie dough is easy to sell. Reasonably priced and made with the highest quality ingredients. Buyers anticipate this campaign year after year.
  • It’s Free to Start!

Get Started Today

Fundraising is a critical component to fund a variety of activities. From extra-curricular clubs and athletics for kids to church outreach programs, if fundraising is important to the success of your organization, you can’t afford to make a mistake choosing your fundraiser. Cookie Dough Fundraisers are easy to organize and fun to hold. We do all the work for you. All you do is offer high quality, delicious cookie dough to your buyers, send us your orders and wait for delivery.

Our program, timelines, and marketing tips are clearly outlined for you to make this fundraiser virtually foolproof. With over 25 years of fundraising experience, you can rely on us to work with you to create a Cookie Dough Fundraiser than not only meets your financial goals but one that your buyers will welcome any time of year.