Why make your own dough from scratch when you can simply open a batch of David’s Cookie Dough and get that same wonderful taste?


For even greater success, mix it up a little and try offering the tasty and profitable combination of David’s Cookie Dough and Cheesecakes!  Great for any holiday season,or just anytime of the year!

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If you are going to conduct a fundraiser it might as well be fun… Right?

Many Products to Choose From; Only One Right Choice

One of the hardest aspects of the fundraiser is choosing which product to sell and then wondering how well it will sell once chosen. If you select the wrong product, your group’s efforts – as well as your fundraiser – might fail. When you select a product that has been oversold the same thing will most likely happen.

Let’s face it… selling magazine subscriptions has run its course. In fact, it never was an easy product to sell because children do not identify very well with magazine subscriptions and, since so many are available online, they are not in demand as they once were. It’s well know that the only people who purchase these kinds of items are family and some friends who only want to help a student’s cause.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with the scenario that family and friends will purchase items to help, but that group is extremely limited. So, you might want to choose, instead of just selling just a few items to a small group of friends and family, to sell to a wider audience. And, to sell products that kids are excited about; ones that most everyone loves. Sales efforts would be better rewarded and your income has a much better chance of skyrocketing.

davids cookie dough fundraising

gourmet cookie dough for fundraisers

Another example is that kids in the past have been asked to sell Christmas wrapping paper and Christmas cards over and over again. Every year the fundraiser started around mid-October. The parents and the students cringed just knowing that the time was approaching. And, when it finally happened, they would have to go door to door for days on end and wouldn’t sell a thing – or hardly anything.

But, one year, the schools started changing their approach and the product. They chose the one-dollar chocolate bars. Sales went through the roof! Enough of the product could be kept in stock and the children loved selling them because they understood the product and loved it.

Although chocolate bars are still a pretty good seller, there are other products, like cookies, that constantly sell better and generate more cash.

And, all of David’s products are Kosher certified!

The cookie dough is delivered frozen and wrapped so they are divided into individual portions. Your customers can easily make as few or as many as they like. No-fuss or mess here… just absolute great taste that will have them coming back for more.

David’s Cookie Dough contains zero grams of trans-fat and is a non-hydrogenated product straight from the ovens in New York City. This product has the unique old-fashioned, down-home gourmet taste your customers will love.

If you are a chocolate chip freak like we are, David’s delicious, soft chocolate chip cookies are cookies that you’ll die for. Forget small chips. David’s recipes include extra-large chunks of gooey Hershey’s ® chocolate for that perfectly delicious home-made taste.

Please click here to down load a copy of David’s Cookies Brochure:2016CookieFundDavidsCookiedoughbrochure

This chocolate chip cookie dough is made from a time-tested mixture of wholesome milk, eggs & creamy butter. Each cookie bakes into a golden brown delight using only top-quality ingredients.

Why make your own dough from scratch when you can simply open a batch of David’s Cookie Dough and get that same wonderful taste?

Enthusiasm Sells!

Now, as you know, the chocolate bars have been around for a while and, in cases, have lost some of their luster not to mention that you have to sell a bazillion of them to create any substantial revenue. So, what does someone who wants to experience that feeding frenzy do now?

Gourmet Cookie Dough is the answer.

This is the EXACT same product as seen on the Home Shopping Network.

Just like candy, kids love cookies. And, actually, so does everyone else. Especially when they are GREAT gourmet cookies. Profitable Fundraising Ideas has the absolute best tasting cookies on the planet – David’s Cookie Dough!

If you’ve never tasted these cookies you are missing out on an incredibly special treat. Bake just one batch of David’s cookie dough and you will see, smell and taste why this gourmet product is a top seller for fundraising events all across the nation. You’ll quickly “get” the secret why these products are so easy to sell and why schools and organizations are seeing massive profits from each fundraiser event.

David’s Cookie Dough – Fresh Baked Goodness Since 1979

Let your customers choose from a mouth-watering selection of delicious frozen gourmet cookie dough or other frozen gourmet treats like David’s rich, moist, and delicious brownies or cheesecakes.

David’s Cookies Preformed Frozen Cookie Dough is packaged in 2.7 pound Pre-Portioned Boxes which makes 96 one-ounce cookies that have remained on the top of many cookie lover lists throughout time.

Among the delectable treats you will be able to sell are:

  • Chocolate Chunk with enormous pieces of the best, tastiest chocolate you can imagine. They’re called “CHUNKS” for a reason… (yup, they’re that big!)
  • Double Chocolate Mint- Wow, enjoy the passion of chocolate cooled with mint!
  • Macadamia Nut White Chip – You’ve never tasted a cookie this good
  • Oatmeal Raisin – It’s probably OK to eat them for breakfast
  • Candy cookies – Creamy chocolate surrounded by a hard candy shell baked into our classic cookie dough makes this a favorite cookie flavor.
  • Peanut Butter – Will satisfy any peanut butter cravings. Made with our Peanut Butter with Peanut Butter Chips bursting with peanut butter.
  • Peanut Butter Chip– Mouthwatering double chocolate with peanut butter chips
  • Rainbow Cookie – These may melt in your hands before your mouth but you won’t care.
  • Reese’s Peanut – Mouthwatering double chocolate with peanut butter chips
  • S’mores Cookie – Who wouldn’t enjoy cookies that would remind you of the taste of a camp fire!
  • Snickerdoodle – Who on this earth doesn’t like Snickers? These Cookies are full of buttery goodness topped with cinnamon and sugar.
  • Classic Cookie Dough Collection – A taste of four distinct popular flavors of various David’s Cookie dough selection
  • Play Cookie Dough– It’s as fun as it sounds! Gluten-Free Cookie Dough– A great tasting alternative! A Cookie that any one can enjoy! Here at Profitable Fundraising Ideas and David’s Cookies we understand that some people have preferences for gluten-free products. Now we are offering a nut-free, gluten-free and dairy-free chocolate chip cookie dough. You can bake this product in the comfort of your home and enjoy the scrumptious flavor that David’s Cookies has to offer.
  • Play Cookie Dough– It’s as fun as it sounds!
  • Easy and Profitable

    We will even presort the delivery by student sales so you don’t have to… just another way we help make your fundraiser a breeze.

    You see, we take great pride in not only providing the best products available but also providing the best service. We know you hear that a lot but it’s a promise that we make to you. From the very first conversation, you’ll understand that we go out of our way to ensure your success. You will never be alone when working with us.

    Your group can earn up to 55% profit on all sales, here is how it works:

    • Earn 55% profit when 120 cases of product have been sold.
    • Earn 50% profit when 80 cases of product have been sold!!
    • Earn 45% percent profits when 60 cases of product have been sold!
    • Or, you can still earn a whopping 40% profit on sales less than 40 cases!

    The more you sell the more your organization earns. But, even smaller groups can make a generous profit.

    Our BONUS program:

    The “Baker’s Dozen” incentive program – Profitable Fundraising Ideas proudly features a unique “Baker’s Dozen” Special. Each seller who sells 12 units of David’s Cookies will the 13th unit FREE from the case overage!!!

    If you are truly interested in upping your game for your next fundraising event, you owe it to yourself to consider David’s gourmet cookies.

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