Gourmet Coffees for Fundraisers


Gourmet Coffee Fundraising for Your Organization

Ask yourself…

  • Have all of your current fundraising goals been met?
  • Are you pleased with the amount of cash your group has earned?
  • Are you discouraged by the difficulty and lack of service that you receive from your fundraising suppliers?
  • And, are you disappointed with the small profits from all of the endeavors you and your organization puts forth?


Did you know that 2 billion cups of gourmet coffee is served annually in the United States?

Tap into the fast growing and highly profitable market of Gourmet Coffee and discover how your organization can boost sales using Coffee Fundraising.

It’s Easy to handle! Easy to make money! Easy to sell! And, the product tastes GREAT!

A Coffee Fundraising campaign is available with a no questions asked 100 percent quality money back guarantee if you are not satisfied!!

Profitable Fundraising Ideas stands behind what we sell!!! We pride ourselves that we never have returns (because it’s just that good).  You WILL be completely satisfied with the product and the support you receive.

HANDS DOWN, absolutely the best tasting coffee in the universe and it comes in the most popular flavors (And, your customers can even mix and match to their taste):

  • Colombian Blend
  • French Vanilla
  • Hazelnut
  • Jamaican Me Crazy
  • French Roast
  • Chocolate Raspberry
  • Rainforest Nut Creme
  • and Decaffeinated

Coffee Fundraising Provides ENORMOUS Profits

Coffee or Tea anyone?

Everyone appreciates a good cup of coffee or tea.

Now you can take advantage of this popular product with a profitable and easy coffee fundraiser.

Some of the reasons why a Gourmet Coffee Fundraiser is such a win-win situation: 

  • Gourmet Coffee and teas are utility items which a large amount of the population consumes.
  • It’s one of the most popular ways of waking up in the morning for the majority of your customers.
  • It’s easy to sell because there’s no learning curve. Everyone knows and love coffee.
  • It is reasonably priced so that it’s easy for your customers to say, “Yes.”
  • And it’s incredibly profitable for your group to sell.

Once it is delivered, it can be distributed without time delays. No problems with perishable items.


What sets us apart from the rest?

Profitable Fundraising Ideas provides all fundraising materials at no charge to you.

  • There are no upfront charges or hidden fees .
  • You make up to 55% on everything you sell
  • Student pre-pack services available and, they are FREE after 500 items sold


  • Sell up to 200 units of coffee product your group earns 40% profit
  • Sell up to 500 units of coffee product your group earns 50% profit
  • Sell up to 600 units of coffee product your group earns 52% profit
  • Sell up to 700 units of coffee product your group earns 55% profit

Introducing the Special One-Dollar Gourmet Coffee Fundraiser

Here’s something special that you can offer your thirsty prospects and customers… Now that a cup of gourmet coffee costs $2.00 or more at local stores, they can now brew their own delicious cup in the privacy of their own home – whenever that urge hits! No more rushing out and standing in line to satisfy these urges.

Now, they can buy these tasty drinks in convenient ONE DOLLAR PACKS. And, each pack makes an incredible 12 cups of flavored java.

That’s only 8¢ per cup.

Consider the number of people you see every day who are avid coffee drinkers. How simple would it be for them to make a decision to buy these easy-to-use packets of your flavor-rich coffee. At this price, these dollar deals are great for the workplace too.

WHAT A STEAL OF A DEAL:  $1.00 = 12 cups of coffee

coffee2BONUS #1:

As a bonus, you will also receive 9 cool reusable, Eco-friendly backpacks per case to store your unused packets. It’s stylish and convenient. Keep them for yourself or give them away as bonuses for larger orders.

Bonus #2: 

Free shipping on orders of 5 or more cases

THIS is a Valuable Offer; a WIN – WIN opportunity!!!

Fast-track your Profitable Coffee Fundraising efforts, Download your brochures now! Then contact us to get started.

  1. A Few of Our Favorite Things – Everything $14
  2. The Money is in the Bag – $1.00 fundraiser items
  3. The Ultimate Beverage Collection – All Items $14