Healthier Fundraising Choices

As we all know, fundraising is a necessary task of the day to day functioning of an organization.  The fact is the elements of what a group or organization is all about is not just about the talents and the activities it conducts daily. It still takes money to make an organization’s goals come about.  For example, a music group’s desire to perform at Disney World takes the efforts of parents and musicians alike to coordinate a sale to raise the necessary funds to make the trip possible.  It holds true for a Cheerleader trip,  Drill Team’s competition or anything else that is considered “not for profit”.  It takes money for uniforms, to pay for coaches and even the event’s arena.

There are a lot of products to choose from in the fundraising world. So, if your organization will be fundraising, then you may want to consider a quality, healthier product. Although sweets are always huge sellers, there are times when a healthier alternative makes better sense.

Cakes, Cookiesand Pies are great!  These products will earn the funds necessary for your group’s needs; however, there are also many benefits of “healthy” fundraising products. The media is swamped with how excess sugar and carbohydrates may not be good for people and many now are shying away from these kinds of items. Therefore, we at Profitable Fundraising Ideas are offering healthier alternatives to fill these other fundraising products.

Your organization may want to choose to sell fruits, nuts and/or an assortment of cheeses. Since these products are widely perceived to provide better health benefits to your customers by offsetting the excess carbohydrates of sugary products, they are sometimes better received.

Let’s look at some examples:

    • You have found the right site if you really love nuts. We have an assortment of nuts for you ranging from Chocolate Covered Almonds to Honey Roasted Peanuts and Colossal California Pistachios. Isn’t it great to know that nuts and dried fruits are packed with an abundance of nutrients, antioxidants, fiber, and heart-healthy essential fatty acids? All for your good health!
    • Profitable Fundraising Ideas along with its suppliers, Pine River Foods and Midwest Northern Nut Company supplies the highest quality, premium dried fruits, gourmet nuts, nut butters, and gourmet gift baskets to assist you with all fundraising needs. We understand that it’s important that Profitable Fundraising Ideas works with suppliers who are experts when it comes to decadent nuts and dried fruits so we only work with the best of the best. These relationships also provide us the opportunity to offer a large selection of healthier treats such as Giant Whole Cashews, Superior Mixed Nuts, Australian Glazed Apricots, or Pecan Caramel Chocolate Turtles (OK, the last one may not be the healthiest but it’s so good we couldn’t leave it out). So, which do you choose? Why not try all of them? And, we also have a giant assortment of Wisconsin cheeses and smoked meats (See the two cheese & meats brochures here: Brochure 1, Brochure 2). Any of these are the perfect addition to any savory fundraiser.
    • We also offer a wide variety of beautiful Nut Gift Tins, Nut Gift Boxes, Nut Gift Towers, Nut Gift Baskets, Corporate Gift Baskets or Gourmet Gift Baskets that are also easy to sell.
  • Want more “heart smart” choices? No worries. We have an abundance of even healthier options, including organic nuts, and delightful low or no sugar added dried fruits, Pumpkin Seeds and Sunflower Seeds. They’re packed full of antioxidants, fiber, and essential fatty acids. Then, there’s also our Dried Mangos (with Less Sugar Added), Dried Turkish Apricots, Premium Australian Ginger Slices, or Dried Berries.

Yes, making money for your cause is easy because these products sell themselves. And, when you see how large of a commission is paid on each sale, you’ll love it even more.  (Click here for the brochure)

Our commitment to a quality product and great service is evidenced by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Most orders ship the same day for optimal freshness and we’re here to help you from the beginning right to the end.

For more information about the products and the commissions, please call 844-RaiseFunds (844-724-7338) or click here for our convenient contact form.