Pie Fundraising Products


I can still remember the scrumptious pies my grandma and mom made when I was a kid. Can you?

They were fresh out of the oven, sitting on the counter and ever so tempting. We always had to wait for them to cool down before we were allowed to cut into one and the waiting was hard. It seemed like it always took forever before we were allowed to take that first bite but it was well worth the wait. Even now, when we take one of our pies out of the oven to test for this fundraising site it still stirs those fond memories. When you smell one of these scrumptious pies, you’ll know exactly what I mean.

Our gourmet pies are much different than the ones they call “gourmet” at your local store. Great care is taken to ensure that they taste exactly like they were homemade (just like the ones that Grandma used to make). The ingredients used are of the highest quality and they are a healthier dessert choice because they are all natural and contain zero grams of trans fat!!

These pies are not those skinny, hard-to-see-the-contents kind of pies; they are filled to the brim with mouth watering fillings and surrounded with a flaky, delicious crust. Our pies only uses premium fruits and, when baked, the flaky crusts will add joy to any table. There’s more fruit than you would ever expect in a pie and the fruits, crust, and fillings contain no preservatives so you can be sure it’s a wholesome dessert.

GRANDMA’S GOURMET COUNTRY PIES (click to see the brochure):

You can choose from 13 different and delicious cream and fruit pies. All of the pies are Certified Kosher Dairy, baked especially for you. Just thaw and serve. Everyone loves Grandma’s Pies.

SOMETHING SWEET (click to see the brochure). And if you desire some scrumptious Something Sweet Cakes to accompany your pies, please click here to see this brochure.

A selection of cream pies and coffee cakes which bring hometown flavor to your dessert table. All pies and cakes are Certified Kosher Dairy.

CHEF PIERRE PIES (click to see the brochure):

No need for baking at the holidays. Let us do the hard work for you. Simply remove the pies from their container, pop them into the oven, wait a few minutes and enjoy homemade goodness and flavor!

Any pie you choose, all you need to do is simply remove them from their container,
pop them into the oven, wait a few minutes and enjoy homemade goodness and flavor!

Why Work with Profitable Fundraising Ideas?

When you select a Profitable Fundraising Ideas pie fundraiser program you will uncover one of the top paying programs on the Internet:

  • Up to a whopping 55% profit
  • Free start-up materials (No charge for beautifully produced full color brochures with photos that make your mouth water)
  • Baker’s dozen specials (every seller who sells twelve gets the thirteenth one absolutely FREE)
  • Cash incentives for the sales group (or pizza parties or other fun functions)
  • Delivered nationwide by a refrigerated truck to ensure freshness
  • These Pies are Kosher!
  • Free delivery after a minimum number of cases sold
  • PLUS… the best customer service in the business. We will guide you to profitability!



See another one of our pie brochures here (** WARNING: DO NOT look at this brochure if you are hungry. It will only make things worse!)

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