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Delicious Cookies

A large selection of some of the best tasting cookies and cookie dough you’ve ever sold. Invigorate your campaigns with these great products

Fresh, Flakey Pies

Grandma and mom don’t have anything on us. Our gourmet pies are as tasty as theirs. They’re so easy to sell and great profits too.

Incredible Cheesecakes

Rich, creamy cheescakes are easy to sell simply because of their popularity. Enjoy incredible profits by offering these amazing cakes

Healthier Alternatives

So what about the customers who are watching their weight or don’t eat sweets? We have them covered too. Something for everyone.

Amazing Chocolates

Because it’s such an overwhelmingly popular product, selling chocolate is easier than some other products, it can earn lots and lots of money for any and every organization.



Gourmet Coffee Fundraiser Products

Tap into the fast growing and highly profitable market of Gourmet Coffee and discover how your organization can boost sales using Coffee Fundraising.

Entertainment® Digital Savings Membership®

The Entertainment® Digital Savings Membership® Fundraiser is a quick and easy way to raise funds. It’s been proven to be a successful way to generate money time and time again because it makes sense.



Renovating my pet shelter and building some new rooms for the fresh animals which the rescue center left at my shelter seemed like hell. Then my manager sought the help from Profitable Fundraising Ideas and with the help of their delicious treats. My staff and I were able to raise enough cash for renovation and new construction in the shelter.

Katie Johnson – Pet Shelter Owner, New York, NYC

We needed monies for our 8th grade students to travel to Washington in the Spring. Profitable Fundraising Ideas patiently assisted us in choosing a great product, David’s Cookie Dough!!! The product arrived in great condition on time and was delicious!!

Patty Smith – PTO V.P. April Mae Middle School, Boston, M



Every other year our band competes at Disney World. And every year we call Profitable Fundraising Ideas to help us raise needed dollars to help our marching band. They really help us with great assortment of product. From delicious pies to David’s Cheesecakes!!! They give us free kick off samples and are always there to assist. I’m very happy to work with them!!

Dave Watts – Band Director, Deegan Scott High School, CT



It all costs money to compete represent your school teams and compete in various competitions. Uniforms, travel and food costs a lot. Believe it or not, our Cheer Team worked with Profitable Fundraising Ideas, and the best fundraiser was working with them with the Entertainment App. We raised more than enough!!

Emma Scott – High School Cheerleader Coach, Elizabeth NJ




It’s Thanksgiving and my Student Church group needs to raise funds for their conference in Winter. You Bet I called up Profitable Fundraising Ideas to help. We raised lots of cash with our annual Pie Sale. What a relief!!

Rodger Styles – Agricultural Sciences Teacher, Delaware



I’m a regional FFA (Future Farmers of America) advisor. Working with Profitable Fundraising Ideas is a sure thing! We worked with Profitable Fundraising Ideas and they assisted us with their licensed Cookie Dough Sale. We earned enough money to attend our annual convention in Washington, D.C. and many local competitions.

Pete Ranch – Agricultural Sciences Teacher, Delaware


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